Whether you’re into graphic design and photography or you’re just looking for a reliable computer with the latest technology, an Apple Mac computer gives you the power and efficiency you need.


MSI keeps raising the bar in design and innovation of its GAMING Series products and has been a long-term sponsor of global eSports teams. Outstanding teamwork of MSI’s senior R&D staff and professional gamers culminates in the creation of every MSI GAMING product.


Lenovo strives to be a new world company that makes award-winning PCs for its customers. Alice sells the “Think” branded Lenovo products that are distinguished by their impeccable engineering and IBM pedigree. The new Lenovo is now a global powerhouse of innovative design and exciting products and services to meet every customer’s needs.


Quality and innovation are the trademark qualities of this technology company. While maintaining its roots as a motherboard manufacturer they now claim the top spot for their ability to push the envelope on industry trends in ultra-books, tablets and performance notebooks and desktops while maintaining a wide offering in other technologies including components, peripherals and servers.